So you choose to date a younger guy and looking for some advice? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, statistics show that the percentages of women dating younger men are becoming higher for the past couple of years.

Dating someone younger makes you feel young again, you gain access to his fresh ideas, you can enjoy his stronger libido and it’s a bigger ego boost on your part. While dating for older women and younger men seems an exciting experience, there will always be unique challenges and potential downsides the relationship may face along the way. Part of the challenges is anticipating the issues and deciding how you are going to handle them before they get out of hand.

  • Introducing him to your friends can be challenging.

When you introduce him to your friends or colleagues, you may be surprised at their initial reactions, even with those whom you thought were fairly open minded. Also, be prepared to see their shocked faces and hear some unpleasant comments, but never try to explain or justify yourself to them. When you introduce your man, stay firm and confident. You can choose to ignore the negative responses or comfort them with appreciative words toward your boyfriend. As long as you are comfortable with each other and hurting no one, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Meeting with his parents or family can be extra tough too.

When you’re about to meet his parents and siblings for the first time, that’s another big confront in your relationship. You may get some objections and negative reactions from them. Then again, don’t try to apologize for your relationship. One good way to win their hearts and trust is to know their interests and connect them to yours. Even if your happiness is the most important thing, you shouldn’t disregard his family. Thus, allow them to get to know you better and have them realize how much you care about their son.

  • He may not have a job yet.

If your younger man is still studying or had just graduated from college, he may not have a job yet or won’t be able to share expenses with you. On the other hand, the less time he spends at work, the more time you can enjoy the days and nights together, but don’t expect him to pay for expensive dates.

Dating a younger guy is not as big of a deal as other people think about it in the past. Making some minor adjustments on both parties may be necessary to make the relationship works. If you don’t encounter any problems while dating a younger guy, you’re incredibly lucky. Nevertheless, if you end up experiencing the above mentioned issues with your younger boyfriend, learning the proper way on how to deal with the situation is very important at your end. Any kind of relationship has ups and downs. But if you build it with trust, respect, effective communication and broad understanding, it will flourish into a thing of beauty.

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