While men typically find younger women most attractive, some men choose older women to spend their life with. This type of relationship is not so new nowadays and also very popular among celebrities. We see famous couples like Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, Madonna and Jesus Luz and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who prove that age gap, when it comes to love, is never a hindrance.

The advantages of dating an older woman are, you’ll find it easier to have deep conversations with her. She will be more likely to discuss interesting and sensible topics and might also surprise you with their clever ideas that pertain to equality in relationship. However, if there are advantages, there were also disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at the four common issues with dating an older woman;

1. Her biological clock is ticking so fast.

All women have as much right men to date someone younger. On the other hand, before you decide to date an older woman, it’s imperative to know more about her future plans the fact that her biological clock is ticking real fast. She might have plans of starting a family, get married or having babies. From then you can decide whether to jump into the relationship or not.

2. Lots of awkward moments.

All relationships encounter awkward moments but in relationships with big age-gap category, awkward moments happen most of the time. Typically, older women are more in tune with serious talks and old school entertainments. So for men who still enjoy millennial-related subjects, music or hobbies, they might feel out of place. Even if she tried to go with the modern day lifestyles, the setting becomes even more awkward for the two of you.

3. She’s carrying a bunch of emotional baggage.

She has been in several failures and circumstances in life including her past relationships, family or children, emotional issues, societal challenges and conceptual disputes. If you opt to date an older woman, the most important challenge of all is how the both of will handle these issues when the needs arise.

4. Disapproval of parents and friends.

As a young man dating an older woman, consider what your family and friends would have to say. Most importantly, you have parents to assert with. Were you able to handle their negative reactions and bad comments? As a biological family, they will naturally be concerned with you. They might think that she’s taking advantage of their son and this disapproval may also be cultural. Nevertheless, a wise older woman will do her best to assuage these fears and win their respect.

Dating an older woman offers a unique level of experience that can be negative or positive. However, men must treat them equally from any other women, regardless of age because they deserve to be loved and respected.

Finally, the best question to ask is, can you date an older woman? Yes, of course. But to avoid unexpected event, be sure with what you want apart from knowing the common issues or potential challenges you may face.

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